FOSDEM 2018: My first time

The first Friday of February 2018, I was sitting on Madrid-Barajas airport, waiting for the cheapest flight available to travel to Brussels that day. After hearing my friend Nacho talk several times about FOSDEM, I finally decided to join him on the adventure. In this post, apart from my humble chronicle as a newbie in this kind of events, I gather some of the talks I could assist to. FOSDEM stands for Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting, which is a quite self-explanatory name. [Read More]

Using Self-Organizing Maps to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem

The Traveling Salesman Problem is a well known challenge in Computer Science: it consists on finding the shortest route possible that traverses all cities in a given map only once. Although its simple explanation, this problem is, indeed, NP-Complete. This implies that the difficulty to solve it increases rapidly with the number of cities, and we do not know in fact a general solution that solves the problem. For that reason, we currently consider that any method able to find a sub-optimal solution is generally good enough (we cannot verify if the solution returned is the optimal one most of the times). [Read More]

Learning Monads by Example

This is an updated version of a repository I released on GitHub some months ago when researching for my bachelor thesis. If you are an expert in the topic and see something that can be improved or anything feels off, don't hesitate to leave a comment in this post or open an issue in the repository. While writing my bachelor thesis, a heuristic search framework in Haskell, I ran into a roadblock I long feared to have: I needed to understand how monads work. [Read More]

Blogging from Emacs: Hugo & Org-Mode

I have to admit, I hate first posts. They are awkward, cliché, and most of them just serve as a weak preamble for the posts to come. I was just about to name this post Hello, World!. Since we are going to follow the cliché, let's follow the useful one at least: let's talk about technical details of the blog as such. When I decided to create this blog, it was not only about the ability of writing my thoughts, experiments and projects in a website; not only about my personal brand. [Read More]