About me

I am Diego Vicente, and I am a Data Scientist from Madrid, Spain. I currently work at CARTO. I studied Computer Science Engineering at UC3M, where I also studied a Computer Science and Technology Research MSc. I also spent a year studying in Trondheim’s NTNU. Previously, I have worked at Decide.

(Somewhat) Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to contact you, how can I do it?

You can find all my social media links both in the header or the footer of this site, feel free to reach out! You can also email me at mail@diego.codes

Can I send you GPG encrypted mail?

Sure, I love a good gossip! You can download my key or simply find it using gpg --locate-keys mail@diego.codes.

Reading you is boring. Show me the code!

First off, I don’t like that tone. However, I share that feeling sometimes: you can most likely find the relevant link in the post you were reading or browse freely my GitHub profile.

Is anyone even reading this?

Well, you were probably expecting some pun, but I can actually give you a much thorough answer! I collect some aggregate and anonymous analytics and, to provide some transparency, you can see the actual analytics dashboard This way you can check all the data just as I do, or you can read more about it in this post.

Is that a… bunny in a space helmet?

No! I mean, yes! It’s just not any bunny - she is called Glenda and is the mascot of the Plan 9 operating system. If you are a retrocomputing fan, you surely have heard of Plan 9 - if not, go take a look! It is a really interesting system. Glenda was drawn by Renée French.