My 2019 Reading List
Published on January 1, 2019

I have to admit, I was never really a huge fan of New Year’s resolution in general: I was never able to find the motivation of just choosing a (mostly arbitrary) point in time to start working towards a goal; mostly because I thought that doing so would imply to lose such motivation it once the year was not that new anymore. However, being pretty much Groucho Marx right now, this post is basically a New Year’s resolution! Happy 2019 everyone, the year of double standards.

This proposition is mainly inspired by the post Stop Learning Frameworks, by Eduards Sizovs, which tells the story of how his mentor told him to stop learning the specifics of each framework or tool, and instead learn the theoretical principles that fuel them. These principles and designs are perennial, while the frameworks may (and most of them, will) be short lived. He presents this as his rule of thumb of where to invest time. Most importantly for this post, he presented the reading list he bought right after this anecdote. And that’s what struck me most: I knew all of them, but I have read none. All the titles where familiar, and they vouch for the principles behind the details that sometimes we can be lost in. And still, I had not read a single one of those books.

Also inspired by the posts about things we don’t know as of 2018, I decided to make some minor modifications to Sizovs’ reading list and decide to read all of the books in it in 2019. The modifications basically consist in the removal of some specific books for more language agnostic The complete list is:

The list is full of different disciplines but its main goal is to include seminal texts that explain the foundation of a discipline from a theoretical point of view. Understanding such insight is what Sizovs advocates for in his post, and is the goal of this list as well. The aim for this list is to read them (hopefully) along 2019, and maybe write a short post about each of this books in the post. The list has no particular order and I will read the books depending on how I feel when choosing which to tackle next. Hopefully, the next post will cover a great deal of concepts just learnt through these books. Also, if you think that I am missing any important book, don’t hesitate to contact me through one of the channels in the footer letting me know. Happy new year!